a new kind of clothing company

Tammy Boyd, founder and CEO of TLB Holdings, Inc. created the Leo & Nicole® brand in 2005 wanting to bring to the marketplace affordable, high quality clothing choices for a woman to buy that would complement the many different aspects of her life. Leo & Nicole® is a better clothing brand with a designer focus on quality, uniqueness, and garment fit. We offer quality garments for all women, from a team that stands behind the products we produce.


Every woman is unique and beautiful and Leo & Nicole® celebrates all that she does by providing her with high quality, easy to wear clothing. Finding inspiration in the everyday roles an on-the-go woman plays, Tammy brings versatility and style to a woman’s wardrobe that matches her many facets.  She creates comfortable styles, researches exclusive fabrics, and partners with women in the industry to provide an exceptional collection every season.

our commitment to

Here at Leo & Nicole we take pride in our commitment to social responsibility – we care about who is making our garments, just as much as who is wearing them. Our garments are manufactured in the United States, Mexico and Asia. Regular inspections ensure all of our production facilities are human rights compliant and uphold our value of ensuring quality of life for all of our employees. This promise is woven into each garment we produce.


TLB Holdings, Inc. is committed to be the premier supplier of clothing. We are keenly focused on quality, innovation, service, and social compliance. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality work environment for our associates.

We will achieve our mission for stakeholders by conducting our business on a daily basis using the following standards:

Be relentless with customer care
Be encouraging of growth and change
Be committed to the success of our associates
Be the best at what we do by growing sales through our core competencies.