leo and nicole spring tee and coral sweater

What a Journey!

When I started this company 14 years ago, I didn’t know where the journey would take me. I had a busy career but wanted to be closer to my family.  I also knew that other women were just as busy and needed their wardrobe to work as hard as they do.  That’s when Leo & Nicole® was born!  Our first office was in the basement of my home and work was done at all hours of the day.  It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding. Today, we have three offices around the country, dozens of wonderful employees, a photo studio, and now this: our first newsletter.  We are so grateful that you are part of our journey.  Thank you!
–Tammy Boyd


How to Wear the Latest Trends

A change in seasons is always exciting.  We look forward to new shoes, pulling out a favorite tee shirt, and pedicures!  Of course there are always new styles that we’re curious about trying.  Here are some latest trends and how to wear them.




sweater storage2

End of Season Storage Tips

Spring is here at last so it’s time to pack up those bulky winter styles and put them away for another season.  Follow these tips and you will be grateful next fall when you are pulling out your favorite cozy sweaters.

  1. Clean everything.  Period!  Follow the care labels and make sure all your garments are fresh before storing them for the season.  If the garments were dry cleaned, remove from the plastic bags.
  2. Invest in sturdy plastic bins with lids.  This will keep the elements out and prevents the fibers from being crushed.