Tips for Mother’s Day Meal

If you are planning a Mother’s Day gathering, here are some simple tips to keep in mind.

sandwich buffet

  1. Plan ahead. If eating out, make reservations early. Favorite restaurants fill up fast.
  2. Gluten Free? Vegetarian? Young kids?  Keep everyone’s tastes and food restrictions in mind. Be accommodating by checking out the menu ahead of time. If you are hosting, have everyone bring a favorite dish to share. Or, offer foods that can be customized such as sandwiches (think deli meats, cheeses, humus, veggies, and spreads on rolls, bagels, or wraps) or omelets with different toppings (make plain omelets and have sautéed veggies and proteins on the side).
  3. Keep it simple.  The focus of the day is on loved ones so simplify your tasks when you can.  Going out to eat eliminates cooking and dishes.  If you prefer to gather at home, make simple dishes, have everyone contribute to the meal, or buy pre-prepared items.
  4. Entertainment for kids.  Will there be young kids? Gathering for a meal is a great time to catch up with loved ones, but children often eat quickly and then get bored while the adults are talking. Make sure they have some games, books, or entertainment.
  5. Record the day.  Years go by more quickly than you realize. Take multigenerational photos, either posed or candid. When you look back on photos of your gathering years from now, you won’t regret taking the time to snap a few shots.