Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You want to let the special people in your life know how much they mean to you, but you’ve been stuck in a rut or want something extra special.  Here are a few ideas to get you on your way.


Make it personal. Keep your special someone’s personality in mind. Does she like cooking or gardening? Is she a fitness buff or a knitter? Focus on what makes her unique and special and surprise her with a gift that speaks to her interests or an item she wouldn’t buy for herself. She will be moved by the extra thought and time you put into the gift and you’ll really make her Mother’s Day!

A lady that has everything. Can’t think of anything she needs? How about an experience such as taking her to a movie, play, or concert, a gift certificate for a cleaning service, or a cooking or craft class? Surprise her by making her a favorite meal or dessert or treat her to a day at the spa. A fun event can be worth more than a material gift that she won’t use.  More ideas can be found on Good House Keepings‘ website.

Can’t deliver your hugs and kisses in-person? Splurge on a nice card and tuck a gift card for her favorite coffee shop or store in it.  If you want a more significant gift, find out what flowers or edible arrangements are available in her area. You may even be able to ‘make’ her dinner even if you can’t deliver it personally! Many local restaurants and grocery stores offer delivery.

Frame a nice photograph of loved ones. How many of us never get around to printing our pictures and framing them? A thoughtful, yet inexpensive give that everyone can appreciate is a keepsake of a special moment or favorite memory.  Find a pretty frame and give mom a picture or two to show off when she has guests and to remind her how much you care.

The gift of style.  If your mom is like mine, she insists that she doesn’t need anything and that old sweater she wears in fine. Or your sister-in-law with young children has a hard time getting out to a store to shop for herself. Help make them feel stylish and beautiful in a fun, bright cardigan. Maybe there is a special handbag or wallet that she would never splurge on for herself.  And a gift of flowers doesn’t have to be fresh bouquet; you can give a floral printed top or scarf. For some fresh, new, stylish tops, check out Leo & Nicole’s spring collection of knitwear and tops.